2014 Cub Scout Day Camp

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Day Camp Registration is CLOSED. 

For units which need to register additional volunteers/gators to meet the 4 scouts to 1 adult ratio, please click here:





For Parents



Medical Forms A/B & C are linked below. Since BSA policy requires a physical signature, you are required to print a copy, sign it, and submit to to your Day Camp Coordinator along with this confirmation page at time of registration payment.

Parts A/B are required for Day Camp. Part C is recommended if you have a medical condition, which could be affected by the conditions at Day Camp, such as the heat.

Please remember that this medical form is required for everyone who attends, youth and adult.

BSA Medical Form Parts A & B
BSA Medical Form Part A, B & C

Medical Form Submission Instructions:

  1. Click the above link.
  2. Save the form to your computer before filling it out.
  3. Close the form.
  4. Open the saved form from your computer.
  5. Fill out the form and save it.
  6. Print the completed form.
  7. Turn in your medical forms, registration confirmation, and your payment according to your pack's guidelines.